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Posted April 20, 2016
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C-Rayz Walz - LOVE MONEY (Official Video) Prod. by Loopwhole Beats

​C-Rayz Walz & Loopwhole Beats - ​​LOVE MONEY (Official Video) •From The Album "​THE ESSENTIAL CATEGORIES"​" •Buy The ​SINGLE​: •Find & Hear ​LOOPWHOLE BEATS​: •Find & Hear C-RAYZ WALZ: For Decades people have quoted The Most Debatable Statement of our Social History. "Money Can't Buy You Love" There is nothing further from the Truth. In This Day and Time of The Animal Mindstate of The Human Grind. Everyone is Chasing Paper. When you attain it Peace is not included. Peace Must Be Yours Already. Happiness can be gained from money. We Are All Happy to Eat, Have Clothing and Shelter. MONEY can keep you out of Jail….That's LOVE. MONEY can Feed a Hungry Thug…..That's LOVE MONEY can inspire your Doorman to Fight for you….That's LOVE MONEY can solve many Domestic Problems….That's LOVE. Whoever said money can't buy you Love/ Lied to theyselves/ Must've been High on Drugs. •Buy The Single Here​: ​C-RAYZ WALZ ​The charismatic NYC-mainstay Mc C-RAYZ WALZ has enjoyed a fine career. He’s recorded 3 albums on the visionary hip-hop label Definitive Jux ​ and 30 albums on his very own SunCycle Industries Imprint.​ Walz is lauded as one of the most versatile and dexterous freestyle rappers on The Planet, and even had a spot on Made, the MTV reality show. (The episode scored a 2.3 on the Nielsen Ratings and is the highest-rated reality TV episode in the network's history) ​Life was Experienced in New Ways from 20​10​ & 201​4​. "Let's Just Say...I Had a Lot of Time To Really Focus & Re-evaluate Myself in every aspect of my existence" says Walz. With an Unprecedented 16 New ​Full Lengths LP's Ready to go, C-Rayz is set to to serve appetizers to get Listeners & True Hip Hop Heads Ready for The Fresh New Soundscapes of "THE SUNCYCLE MC". Why Not?​ ​The Future is filled w/ New Energy & New Chances to do Great things In The Culture he lives for. ​C-Rayz Walz #SunCycle360IsTheLightSource ​​ ​LOOPWHOLE BEATS -​ is a NYC baced producer, who got started making beats in 1997. Specialising in vintage 90s formst beats on the E-mu Systems SP1200 sampler, and other vintage machines from the 1980s and 1990s. In 2015, Loopwhole released 2 vinyl records, "Newyorkism" and "Newyorkism II", both becoming favorable in rare record, and boom bap fans collections.

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