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Posted March 31, 2016 - Filed in Music Videos
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We Go With What We Know

Righteous Reprobates demonstrate that Rock is not the sound of the past, but the sound of the future, with their next single release ‘We Go With What We Know’ - if there is a ‘Rock Revival’ going on then surely they have to be a part of it! Having worked with the Grammy winning Sean Magee in Abbey Road studios on their forthcoming debut album, the London & Kent based four piece is stepping into the footsteps of so many great bands before them, ranging from Britpop acts like Oasis and Blur to the rock and pop legends of the 60s and 70s, and right through to the now. Righteous Reprobates have had plenty of strong support (including very healthy Radio play) for their last single ‘My Psychosis’, with Pure M Magazine writing : “Its fresh feel is complemented by hints of an old-school sound that, when thrown together, work well and demonstrate plenty of potential for the band’s future.” The follow up ‘We Go With What We Know’ is an energy driven rock’n’roll pop power-boost!

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