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Posted March 2, 2016 - Filed in Music Videos
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Toronto’s rising MC has been killing it this year so far. He dropped his super anticipated Giinchy 5x mixtape featuring appearances from all four of the other members of his Giinchy Crew (Zeko, W5vy Davis, Friyie and Jahnear), has been getting thousands of views on YouTube and a couple days ago released his latest video from Giinchy 5x, “Fetty Wap.” The video captures the essence and atmosphere of Don Meeno’s image and music. There’s the persistent chasing after loot and honeys, reflections of Toronto’s street life, and blunt after blunt to stay distracted from the horrors of the streets. The beat by Giinchy’s ADOTHEGOD is dope as well. Stripped down, dark, and a wobbling bass rumble, it sounds like it blazes as much as Don Meeno does. Zeko’s spaced out adlib vocals add some sour to Don Meeno’s diesel punchlines and wordplay. The whole video is straight fire, showing you the hood of Toronto that Drake avoids at night. Watch the video on YouTube and download the Giinchy 5x mixtape, Don Meeno is one of the hottest in the game right now, don’t sleep.

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Posted by Marianne RIchard

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