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Posted January 18, 2016 - Filed in Other
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A Collaboration Made In Social Media Heaven: The Story Of Kay Kumar & Zak Le Ninja

Is Social Media Changing The Way Artists Collaborate? It is beyond clear to the modern audience how the music industry has changed with the rise of the digital - that’s not what this piece is about. This piece is about the little things, the daily happens, which we often overlook, yet turn out to be the seeds of something great. This piece is about Kay Kumar, Zak Le Ninja and “SVDS.” SVDS has become an international hit, and has - in a quite of a unique manner - introduced Kay Kumar to the music scene. But this international collaboration might not have come true if it was not for social media. Yes, the artists met on social media, and yes, the first time they met in person was actually the day of the shooting of the video. According to Kay, the connection felt while chatting on social media was something special, special enough to drive him to go with the flow. A mere ‘like’ and an upload began their story. Now, you might think that this isn’t a big deal, but take into consideration that Kay Kumar had to fly all the way to Morocco to meet Zak Le Ninja. Social media platforms created the space for the connection felt by the duo, and their passion and search for something new in music not yet discovered - at least not around them, - pushed them to come together. “We had been speaking and sending each other drafts and ideas of new work without even meeting as if he was one of my own best friends or family. We both had to trust one another and believe in each other as much as we do ourselves, I guess we just clicked and both felt this had to be.” - Kay Kumar The day they met did not change Kay Kumar’s desire to work with Zak Le Ninja. The feeling was shared by Zak Le Ninja as well. He, too, felt the connection, and only a short time after working with Kay Kumar, felt that he had found his partner in crime. He states: “It was so easy working with Kay, we suddenly felt like family without seeing each other, it was our trust and faith in our music and dreams that made us push things forward... I guess this is the power of social media!” Let’s make it clear, the collaboration also had its sea of problems - external problems that is. After solving issues that came with visa acquisition - as they often do - last minute location changes in Morocco, and other unforeseen obstacles, they were able to carry on with the filming. Of course here, determination and persistance is key. When Zak Le Ninja was asked about his previous collaborations he advised, “Follow your intuition and heart. If you feel you don’t click with the other person then do not go ahead with it, instead take your time and work with those who you feel you can trust, are compatible with, share the same vision, and remember that your music is your investment, so make sure it pays off.” There you have it. Social media, the culprit of a great connection, an adventurous video, and the start to an amazing collaboration.

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Posted by Marianne RIchard

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