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Posted September 17, 2015 - Filed in Music Videos
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@MakoCapone ft. Blak Isa - I Know

From the Album - The West Makova This is a great track. The video was shot by Harrison Crabbe DOP.I struggled for a few weeks with this video when it came to editing, In the end I ran with the first take. Harrison warmed very quickly to Mako and Blak ISA and considered them to be brothers. And he was deeply into the music. What captures my attention in this clip is the way the camera grooved and moved with the beat, the words and artist themselves. Although he had never heard the song until he pressed record you can feel the way the camera moves into find soul of the soul in the song. Even the moments when the artist move in beyond critical focus point of the lens ... the blurred image captures not what it physically sees but signifying the string of blurred images and thought we all carry in out mind. Mako's performance in this track is cutting.. he is the story teller of truth... black Isa opens up his soul in his words pouring out like a Tusnami the pain he carries ... not looking for sympathy, but waving a flag to all young people... " Mamma said put the family first" Love this track... Give these guys a listen... Find their music ... comment .. share it

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Posted by sam hoody

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