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Posted May 2 - Filed in Music Videos
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#NewVideo V8 (@V8_WK) ft. Rice Got Racks - Not A Hobby (Via @OGMitchySlick)

Mitchy Slick & the Westcoast powerhouse THA WRONGKIND Records presents the Pasadena's 1st rounder "V8", Whos here with his latest Visual "Not A Hobby" ft. "Rice Got Rack$" off the "Pasadena State of Mind vol.2" available via !! So Peep the Fresh Video as V8 addresses issues dealing with hood politics, imposters, an social media poser's so hit play an get some G from Pasadena's certified G ..... An lock in with V8 on a daily via IG @v8cho & Twitter @V8_WK

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Posted by sam hoody

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