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Posted Feb 9 - Filed in Music Videos
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#NewVideo @princeoblockdre Ft. @BossTop064 - Munna Gang #2 (prod. by @jdonthatrack)

Fresh from the vault of the Fresh Prince of O'Block "Prince Dre" (@princeoblockdre) comes the pt.2 to the Anthem for his fallen comrade "*******" teaming with currently incarcerated potna "BossTop"(@BossTop064) still keepin it lit for "*******" so hit play an zone out with the gang an kick with Prince Dre on a Daily via Twitter (@Princeoblockdre) IG (@1princedre) "FREEBOSSTCAMPAGIN" otw

#bosstop  #PrinceOBLOCKDre  #Prince Dre  #BossTop064  #Munna Gang #2  #jdonthatrack 

Posted by sam hoody

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