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Posted November 9, 2015 - Filed in Music Videos
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Happy - @Costill8nine Ft. J.B. Hookmaster

I know you didn't THINK the Chicity OG would leave you with out another mini movie visual too watch over and over again.... fresh from the crazy set of events with #stalker CO-STILL (@COSTILL8NINE) Let's you know all that glitters ain't gold.... with the release of his follow up visual "HAPPY" Giving you insight to all his day to day living, an how don't get it twisted he ain't "HAPPY" SO HIT THE PLAY BUTTON AN ENJOY An let Co-Still know why you aren't or Are Happy via Twitter /IG @COSTILL8NINE

#happy  #J.B. Hookmaster  #COSTILL8NINE  #Quimmy Outlaw 

Posted by sam hoody

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