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How to use TinyMCE Editor to post images, videos, etc;

  • Inserting an image into the editor.


     The source code (HTML) button can also be used to inert video code such as YouTube. This will be explained further down.


     You can insert a link with the above option. Just HIGHLIGHT the text, then click on the link button.


    Use this button to link an image from another site such as Photobucket.


    The video insert button is an easy way to add videos, but not the preferred method. Your videos will display just fine on a desktop monitor, but not on mobile devices. We'll explain the other method below.


    This is the Fullscreen button. It's much easier to create, or edit your blog in fullscreen, try it!


    This is the Preview button. You can get an idea of what your post looks like without leaving the editor.



    The following buttons: Bold text, Italic text. Center, right, and left aligning text. You can experiment with the buttons not mentioned.


    Now we'll explain how to post a video that will work on mobile and desktop.

    Go to YouTube and sign-in. If you don't sign in, you'll get the embed code that doesn't support mobile like this:


     If you sign-in at YouTube, you get a different embed code that fully supports mobile, like this:



    After you have uploaded your image, and wrote your text, click on the "Source Code" button that was mentioned above. Add your embed video code you got from YouTube to the end. You can paste the embed code without using the "Source Code" button, and it should work that way as well, just paste it into the editor.


    Note: The video will appear strange in the editor, but post okay once you save your blog.


    The first video below is with the signed out of YouTube embed code, the second video is with the signed in embed code that supports mobile, test for yourself.



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