Mysterious sea creature washes up on beach of Indonesia's Maluku

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Scientists have identified the massive carcass which mystified locals in Indonesia after washing up on a beach last week.

The nearly 15-metre-long carcass has been identified as a Baleen whale , according to Alexander Werth, a whale biologist at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.

“There is lots of stuff in the ocean that we don’t know about — but there’s nothing that big,” Werth stated.

The question now becomes what specific kind of Baleen whale it is, and what the exact cause of death was. The latter question is key, as whale carcasses generally sink, becoming food for a wide variety of deep sea life.

Werth says two possible causes of death that would cause a Baleen whale to float to land are an internal baterical infection, which would produce large amounts of internal gas and a collision with a ship or vessel that resulted in an injury which prevented internal gasses from escaping.

“That’s yet another reason you don’t want to be close to these things, not because it’s a scary, spooky creature, but [because] it would just be releasing some pretty foul, noxious gases,” Werth said. Global News reports.


The carcass of a giant sea creature has been discovered after it washed up in Maluku on the Indonesian island of Seram

The 15m-long beast was first spotted by 37-year-old local resident Asrul Tuanakota, according to

Tuanakota initially mistook the dead sea creature for a boat in the dark, but quickly discovered it was something much stranger.

The cause of death of the behemoth, which looks like some kind of mythical sea monster, is a mystery. It is thought to have passed away at least three days prior to washing up on the shore.

Originally thought to be a giant squid, others have posited it might be another creature entirely. A co-ordinator of Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management said it was likely to be a whale, according to Storyful.

Lab tests are underway to confirm the species. Reports Independent

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  • May 13, 2017 2:00 PM PDT