Man's head get cut off by helicopter propeller during rescue attempt

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On the slopes of Mount Dena in Zagros Mountains, in Iran’s Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces, a team of helicopter rescue workers, including the director of disaster management Mr. Amiri, came to the rescue of a group of people in distress.

Because of a high altitude uneven terrain, the helicopter was unable to land and had to hover above ground, while fighting the low density air. Mr. Amiri failed to take into account the unavoidable movement of the helicopter, along with the fact that he was on an upward slope, and while approaching the helicopter, walked right into the path of spinning propellers.

Mr. Amiri was decapitated by the blades and died on the spot. The shocked people ran away.

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  • Posted by Tha Hop
  • April 21, 2017 8:40 PM PDT