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  • Freddie Gibbs and DJ Fresh's new album is scheduled for release on May 13th. Feature include G-Wiz, Problem, E-40, Cousin Fik, Yukmouth, and more. 1. The Tonite Show With Freddie Gibbs 2. Keep It Gangsta 3. G Like Dat 4. B*tches, Dope, and Dollers (feat. G-Wiz) 5. Interlude 6. On Me (feat. Proble...

Warning: Los Zetas Behead 3 Members of the Gulf Cartel

  • Mexican drug cartels are back at it. On Wednesday February 20, 2012 Blog del Narco presented the video of Los Zetas executing three members of the Gulf Cartel by beheading. For some reason the video cuts off after two beheadings, but I’m sure the third captive met gruesome fate two. Possibly worse cause the two who were killed are now free from pain and suffering. The one that was left, who’s also the one who had to listen to the nightmarish screams of the other two captives as the Zetas cut into their throats, may still be subjected to agonizing torture Mexican drug cartels are known for.

    The beheadings were carried out in a cornfield. Eight hooded sicarios who introduce themselves in the beginning of the videos as Los Zetas are seen interrogating three blindfolded men who kneel on the ground in front of them. The Zetas refer to the captives as golfas (whores), deriving the insult from the name of the rivals – Cartel del Golfo.

    When asked what their names were, the captives responded with Nelson Mora Ornelas, Antonio del Ángel Fernández and Edgar Sánchez Pérez and confirmed that the belonged to the Gulf Cartel.

    The captives also said that the leader of the CDG in Manuela, San Antonio and Rayon in Tamaulipas was Raúl Cortés nicknamed El Rápido (The Fast) and indicated that they knew Alejandro Cortés Pérez – the money launderer.

    Further to that the captives gave away the names of Ramón Cortés Pérez, Julio César Cortés García and Víctor García nicknamed La Máquina (The Machine) who is head of the Gulf Cartel faction.

    A Zeta then says:

    Miren pinches golfas aquí tenemos a su pinche gente, esto les va a pasar a todos a todos los que anden en contra de La Letra, especialmente a Vigilantes Mante y Cártel del Golfo, ya aliviánense de la verguiza que les metimos.

    Translation by Google translate:

    Look here’s whores fucking his fucking people, this is going to happen to all those who will walk contrary to The Letter, especially Vigilantes Mante and Gulf Cartel, and the verguiza lighten up, guys got them.

    After the message, the members of Los Zetas proceed to behead the captives from the Gulf Cartel by first slicing their throats with knifes and then chopping their heads off with an axe. They must have gotten tired of being unable to cut through the spines as we have seen plenty of times before, so now they stick with their axes or chainsaws. The screams of sheer terror the victims produce as they’re being beheaded are the worst I’ve ever heard caught on video. Brutal.

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