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  • On a particular website it said the girlfriend tied him to the bed in order to engage in some sort of sexual fantasy. After tying him real tight, she grabbed a sawing knife and cut his wee wee off. The medical team tried to reattach the penis but there was no saving it. The man barely survived bu...
  • Freddie Gibbs and DJ Fresh's new album is scheduled for release on May 13th. Feature include G-Wiz, Problem, E-40, Cousin Fik, Yukmouth, and more. 1. The Tonite Show With Freddie Gibbs 2. Keep It Gangsta 3. G Like Dat 4. B*tches, Dope, and Dollers (feat. G-Wiz) 5. Interlude 6. On Me (feat. Proble...

Warning: Thief Gets His Hands Cut and Foot Cut Off


    According to the Islamic law, thieves should get their hands cut off. This type of on the spot amputation is practiced in many Islamic nations as it is encouraged by Islamic holy book – Quran. Prophet Muhammad ordered to have thief’s hands and feet cut off as punishment for theft. According to Muhammad, it was revealed to him by Allah that the tradition of chopping thieves’ hands and feet should be upheld.

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