Warning: Body of Decapitated Woman Found Two Days After Discovery of Severed Head


    It started with the discovery of mystery head last Tuesday – July 2, 2013 in the town of Barra do Corda, state of Maranhão, Brazil. Severed head of dark skinned woman, approximately 35 to 40 years old was found in a plastic bag, but none of the locals recognized her face. The missing body was found two days later, after the body started to go off. Following the stench, someone found the decapitated rest of the woman only a few hundred meters from where the head had been found.


    Because there was a bag with the victim’s belongings next to her body, the mystery of her identity was resolved. Oddly enough, there were no signs of violence or rape on the body of 37 year old Susana Lima Ferreira. Victim’s brother Francisco Sousa Lima said his sister suffered from mental problems and always wandered somewhere. But she was a harmless woman who had no enemies so there was no motive for her murder, let alone decapitation. The fact that she had been neither robbed nor raped adds more mystery to her untimely and gruesome death.






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