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Warning: Lil Snupe's Dead Body, Alleged Killer Posted It On Instagram

  •  WINNFIELD, La. KNOE 8 News) Reports of the Lil' Snupe's death began to circulate this morning on social media sites Twitter and Instagram.  Snupe's manager on twitter that he had received the word of the rapper's death through a phone call.

     The rapper was scheduled to perform at an event this weekend in Farmerville.  Snupe tweeted that he wanted people to meet him at the event saying, "Meet Me At Club Diamonds This Friday N Farmerville." (@lilsnupe)

     UPDATE:  KNOE 8 News - The incident of Lil' Snupe has come as a shock to social media.  Research into the rapper found that he posted a picture of his 18th birthday cake on his Facebook page.  That post was featured on June 13.  Details about the rapper are scarce and more information will be available soon.

     ORIGINAL STORY:  WINNFIELD, La. KNOE 8 News) - Winnfield Police officials have confirmed that rapper Lil' Snupe was killed in Winnfield early this morning.  Several hip hop blogs have said that Lil' Snupe was shot and killed.  KNOE 8 News is awaiting a release by Winnfield police with details on the incident.  Police officials say they do have a suspect, but that no arrests have been made at this time.  Stay tuned to KNOE 8 News for more.

    Rumors are swirling around social media on the culprit behind the murder of rising Hip Hop artist Lil’ Snupe.  Many are alleging it was a friend who murdered the “I’m That Nigga Now” rapper, who was fatally shot Thursday morning.  A picture is circulating around the web showing the alleged suspect and Lil’ Snupe playing a game of NBA 2K hours before the murder took place.



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