Black student suspended for backwards slamming white kid after racial slurs

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NewsOne - A disturbing viral video showed a White teen referring to a 15-year-old African-American classmate as a “Black piece of s**t” during a recent altercation at Wake Forest High School in North Carolina, reports ABC 11:

[The video] shows a [White] student being grabbed by his backpack and thrown backwards while walking down a crowded hallway. However, the person who shared the video said the [African-American] student who pulled the other to the floor … was defending himself against racial harassment that school leaders haven’t dealt with.

[The African-American student] was suspended 10 days due to the incident, but he told ABC11 Monday that school officials have now reduced it to 5 days.

[The African-American student] said he grabbed the other student’s backpack and knocked him to the ground twice when he couldn’t take it anymore. “He said things like … I need to name my son ‘Convict’ and ‘Crackhead’ … because that’s what they’ll grow up to be,” [the African-American student] said. “He threw the N-word around very loosely, said things that I looked like I bathed in coffee beans and dirt.”…[The Black student] said he had been racially harassed for the past two months. He also said that the student giving him a hard time went as far as threatening to kill his family.

Students protested the African-American student’s suspension Monday and the school released a statement about investigating the incident, reports CBS North Carolina.

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  • Posted by Tha Hop
  • March 7, 2017 7:03 PM PST